Hello! My name is Amanda and welcome to Uinen.com. I’m a twenty something year old from the USA who has been involved in making fansites, fanlistings, etc. since 2004. I love classic films, the Fitzgerald’s, literature, flappers and philosophers, coffee, NBA basketball, Harry Potter, and my cat.

Uinen.com is a domain that I’ve coveted for years so when it became available in 2017, I snatched it up. So who (or what) is Uinen? Uinen is a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings, and was known as The Lady of the Sea. More about Uinen courtesy of Tolkien Gateway:

Uinen loved and protected all creatures and weeds that live in the sea and brought calm seas. She could calm the tumultous waves of her husband Ossë and for this she was loved by mariners. She was revered among the Ainur by the Númenoreans.

It is said that her hair spread through all the surface of water

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