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Hayley will be returning to the stage for Hampstead Theatre’s production of Dry Powder. Hayley will be portraying Jenny in the play which will run from January 25th – Match 3rd. You can view ticket information as well as dates and times right here. A synopsis is below:

New York City – open for business 24/7.
In the same week his private equity firm forced massive layoffs at a supermarket chain, Rick threw himself a lavish engagement party – which even featured an elephant – setting off a publicity nightmare. However all’s not lost when you’re the titan of high finance – there’s still an abundance of cash in reserve and Seth, one of Rick’s partners, spots an opportunity to salvage the company’s reputation with an investment that’s both sound and PR-friendly. But Jenny, the third partner, and Seth’s nemesis, has other ideas: she’s not in business to make friends. If there’s money to be made, she’ll do whatever it takes to generate the maximum return, irrespective of what the critics might say…